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Shoot a local match with Nick Saiti - Pistol, RIFLE, 3 GUN 

There is no substitute for “real world” training during the pressure of the clock. At any Club level, Area, or National match there is “down time” and Nick finds himself readjusting your equipment (where necessary), and doing some dry firing at the safe area(s). Like any good coach, Nick has an “Eye”, and trust me, it will be on YOU Throughout the day.  Stage planning is one of the quickest methods to shave seconds from your overall times. Nick will walk you through every stage and let you “inside” his head. The tips and tidbits learned will translate to all of your future competition shooting.   EMAIL FOR DETAILS



Full Day Class Session

With 5 discipline Grand Master Nick Saiti

(Range time included - (all skill levels) 

Our Competition Pistol Clinic (CPC) is an all day boot camp. No matter your division; from Production to Open, or your skill level; Novice to Pro, YOU will find the CPC a perfect fit. It begins with a “test” on the clock just after 9 AM. The day ends as it began, with YOU running the same test this time with your combined knowledge gathered throughout the days Drills, activities and Discussions. I bet you are impressed with the results you achieve! #PutitONtheTIMER

 (Next CLINIC information below, Email us for information on a Private Clinic with YOUR motley crew! )

​HURRY, Small Class environment & fill within HOURS of posting.

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CPC COURSE Rio Salado Mesa, AZ​

Date 4/13/2019 9AM to 4PM TB2

Stance Draw Accuracy DVD

The absolute MUST information for ALL competition shooters, no matter the skill level. This Film quality HD DVD captures the essence of Mindset, Stance, the all important Draw, and Fundamentals of hitting the target during the stress of the clock. DO NOT step foot onto a competition range without having seen this "Secret Weapon"! (1.5 Hours) - Includes 100% no questions asked satisfaction guarantee


4 Hour Training session 1 on 1 with NICK - ( Range time included)

Meet up with Nick in Arizona for the type of individual attention that only he can provide. Nick helps you focus 1 on 1 - Morning or afternoon sessions available.


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Elevate your local USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, or 3 Gun club to "Grand Master" status.  Nick is available for on site training at YOUR facility. Let us know if you need help "marketing" a one time or recurring class at your site. No need to travel to Phoenix, We will come to YOU.


You shoot better, GUARANTEED

We have put together the most comprehensive competition shooting training program EVER created. We are ready to prove it!

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  • Small classes 
  • At YOUR range
  • Split the cost(s) among the students
  • No special facilities required
  • Nation Wide
  • Miltary Law-Enforcement 
  • Competition shooters
  • 3 Gun
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Full Day 8 Hour Training Session with Nick 1 on 1 (Range time included) 

Meet up with Nick in Arizona for the type of individual attention that only he can provide. Nick helps you focus on training. - ALL Day.


E-mail for Price & Scheduling


Shooting sports are extreme, so is our dedication to you, the student. We never expect you to tell your friends how the hell you got so good, (there's the "SECRET") - just know that we will get you there!


YES! add $19.99 and receive a  Secret Weapon T-SHIRT!  (available to CPC alum only.)


CPC COURSE Ben Avery Phoenix, AZ

Date 3/10/2019 9AM to 4PM Bay E

AVAILABLE this summer!