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"How do you progress with your shooting?
Nick WAS my progression. If I hadn't met him and been lucky enough to practice with him the way we did, I don't think I'd be where I am today!!!"
- Tim Smith

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"As a beginning competitive shooter I quickly learned I had no idea what I was doing. The fundamentals I learned from Nick have given me a real platform to build from. Even at this early stage I feel like I have a solid edge above other shooters in my class!" - Jake La Grander

Since I met Nick on the range he has been trying to "fix" my shooting. His words on everything from belt setup to stage planning, have helped me progress. MOSTLY my draw. From simple tips such as moving both arms, & slow down when you push to "find the sights" have all helped me shave time. Thanks for all you have taught me. I'm excited to get my copy of the DVD's! - Jon Razo

"I’ve wasted a lot of time shooting without instruction. A great shooter doesn’t necessarily make for a good instructor. It seems that every instructor is looking to coin a technique or some tacti-stupid catch phrase, often at the expense of student’s learning and logic. The physics of shooting is simple to understand, but hard to apply. Nick has an uncanny ability to analyze what a shooter is doing on the clock, and assist in making adjustments specifically suited to them. There is no cookie-cutter instruction."
- Danielle Vermeulen

“REVOLUTIONIZING. The Competition Pistol Clinic is a testament to Nick’s ability to teach with surgical precision. Every drill, every talking point, and every philosophy was so rich in content, I’m still digesting the class three days later. I recommend CPC to anyone at any level who has the ambition to further their shooting. His philosophy of “make every movement count” is truly something that I’ve adopted and will deploy in all other aspects of life.” - Matthew Kitzmiller

"Without Nick, I don't think I would be anywhere near where I am today! His words are there to help me improve myself, not just in shooting but also my attitude and my "first impression"." - Danyela Dangelo

"I learned not just the techniques, but the reasons why some of the techniques are better for me vs. someone else when it comes to improving my skills. He recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all, and accommodates the nuances of each shooter to make them better.
Not everyone who is a great shooter is a good instructor. Nick is both." - Dr. John Lic

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" I love Nick! Being able to train with him has changed the way I look at Competitive shooting. From executing the fundamentals, to practicing the "vegetables" Nick's attitude, drive and determination is infrangible. Training with his mindset will only bring success. it has for me!" - Theo Susuras

"Thanks again for an amazing class yesterday!
Even though the round count was shorter than other classes I've taken, I felt like I learned more and made bigger strides in this one than any other class I've done. Your instruction takes a backseat to no one!
Thanks again!"...

- Bill Ragan - IDPA Rangemaster .

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“I’ve been shooting with Nick over 5 years now. I practice with him after every match. We are always the last ones to leave the range. He taught me so many things. Most good shooters can show their technique. But they cannot explain about the details deeply. Nick is the one who can explain every single detail about his technique. If you have some questions about competition shooting, just ask him. He will give you answers more than you expected.”

- Muneki Samejima 

Nick made me think more about how to position myself when I shoot, and how to hold which ever gun I'm shooting so that there is less recoil. He gave me the littlest tips, on how to set up my belt and what I use, so that is easier to load a shotgun, pistol, or rifle. I liked how he could answer any question that you asked him, from "How did you get so good?" To "How could I make shooting faster and make my hits more consistent and accurate?" - Stanley Saruwatari (13 Year old Junior competitor) 

train to compete, compete to win!

"Nick is a Jedi Master, No JOKE. He sees things normally reserved for high speed cameras! He is able to evaluate your actions in a millisecond and put into words the necessary corrections that will see you performing at "your best shooting self." The DVD's are a MUST HAVE. I'm happy to be a padewan." - D Dangelo 

“It's amazing how often I find myself reflecting on what Nick said during training. This is the time when I’m able to visualize executing his drills with those small, but important, changes in technique that improve my performance. The best part is seeing the results when I "put it on the timer". I've gone from a 1.03 second time from tone to shot on target, to 0.83 second. Thanks, Nick!”
- Kerry Saruwatari

"Thanks to Nick my entire outlook on shooting has changed. He opened my eyes to the issues that were holding me back, keeping me from being more competitive, and causing me frustration every time the timer beeps. Now I'm able to train in a way that actually improves my time on stages and makes me a better shooter overall, instead of wasting time on things that just "feel" faster. The game we play is so much a mental game and without Nick's expertise and insight I would continue to be stuck in the same rut that so many are." - Steve Parker